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Ipswich Town 1 Reading 3

Two home defeats in a row, and although the last one was daylight robbery, this certainly wasn’t. Reading were a solid, competent opposition, with creativity rather than graft required to break them down, and of the former, Town offered little. There was a flat atmosphere inside Portman Road from the outset, and neither the crowd or the team ever got going. The defence had too many weaknesses, the midfield was anonymous, the one-man strikeforce offered no threat, and the potential of Connor Wickham was criminally underutilised. The past few weeks have shown there’s a half-decent side in this squad, but it’s never going to go places if it lapses into such mediocrity when faced with opponents who don’t invite free-flowing football to be played against them. Apart from a cracking goal when it was too late, there was nothing memorable about this performance. Thoroughly beaten and thoroughly deserved, I’m afraid.

Overall Town performance:
4/10 – Lifeless.

Opposition quality:
7/10 – Neat, organised and with a quality centre-forward of which Town can only dream at the moment.

4/10 – Some really strange decisions, to both sides’ detriment at various times.

Match excitement:
5/10 – A comfortable win for useful if unspectacular opponents, but it’s not their job to keep us entertained, it’s the home side’s.

Opposition supporters:
4/10 – Really low turnout, but occasionally made themselves heard.

Player ratings, as ever 1 to 5 for each of effort/achievement…

FULOP 6 (3/3) was let down by his defenders for the goals, and was otherwise generally OK

EDWARDS 4 (2/2) had probably his worst outing as a full-back to date, looking consistently vulnerable; McAULEY 6 (4/2) struggled manfully on despite being caused all sorts of problems; DELANEY 5 (3/2) lost his man too often; O’DEA 6 (3/3) put in an unremarkable shift.

MARTIN 6 (3/3) drifted in and out of the game, although looked more threatening than most of his colleagues; NORRIS 4 (2/2) was disappointing in almost every way, and didn’t even appear to be showing any obvious leadership; DRURY 5 (3/2) failed to make any real impact on things in midfield; LEADBITTER 6 (3/3) got more involved than most of his colleagues, but wasn’t great; and WICKHAM 6 (3/3) was worryingly uninvolved, although reminded us what he can do with a glorious strike.

SCOTLAND 5 (3/2) didn’t impress, yet again, and while I can understand why Jewell is giving him a decent run, he’s not proving to be the man for this job, showing far too poor control to be a hold-up player.

PRISKIN put in what seemed like a surprisingly unenthusiastic half an hour as sub; CIVELLI showed a few nice touches, however.

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  1. Jim Savage

    All agreed.

    The most worrying aspect for me was that we were beaten to the ball almost for the entire evening. Reading were able to intercept our passes regularly partly because some were so obviously telegraphed but also because we seem to want to roll our passes instead of hitting them crisply. This gave that extra split-second to intercept. Also I can’t remember our losing the ball from midfield tackles as often as we did last evening.

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