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Ipswich Town 2 Rotherham 1

So TBBM (The Bloke Behind Me) says: “it comes to something when the most
recognisable name on the pitch is the ****** referee” and he had a point. A
lot of Rotherham fans will be setting fire to their Andy D’Urso
commemorative teatowels after this one, but we can be thankful to him for
three points and for turning a dire match into one we’ll remember for, ooh,
several days. Our penalty claim could have gone either way (it went ours),
while Rotherham’s penalty claim could have gone one of two ways (and, er, it
went ours). The two Rotherham sendings-off were justified but D’Urso
couldn’t have made more of a meal of them if he’d got Delia in to help out.
(And if he’d given Rotherham their penalty decision it would have been
Georges taking an early shower).

So what of the football? There was very little. Yet another dreadful
opposition (is it me, or has the whole division got worse this season?) but
an equally poor display from Town. It’s a clich

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