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Ipswich Town 1 Reading 1

A lively game, if ultimately rather an unmemorable one, with two sides who
largely cancelled each other out. Town were reasonable throughout, although
a way off promotion quality, and the balance of the game was determined more
by the way in which Reading rather lost the plot in the second half. They’ve
got one or two useful players, but I hope for the division’s sake they’re
not the best it’s got to offer this season.

We struggled most obviously in midfield, without a noteworthy performance
there, and most of our decent chances came from route one stuff. On the
whole, a fair result, although with just a bit of luck we could have won it
handsomely. But I’d have settled for one-all beforehand.

Some ratings:
(1-5 for effort, 1-5 for achievement)

DAVIS 6 (3/3): A quiet night, under the influence of painkillers apparently,
the effects of which ran out at half-time, which is why in the second half,
Kelvin didn’t.

DIALLO 7 (4/3), DE VOS 6 (3/3), NAYLOR 6 (3/3), RICHARDS 4 (3/1): The
centre-backs looked a bit more together than on Saturday, and played an
effective offside trap (which was too quick for the linesman for Reading’s
equaliser). Dizzy looked terrific coming forward, with some lovely touches
and some decent centres, although he was still slightly suspect defensively.
However, he’s beginning to look the part. Matt had a stinker though,
regularly being beaten with ease, and consistently giving the ball away.

MILLER 4 (2/2), MAGILTON 5 (3/2), HORLOCK 5 (3/2), WESTLAKE 5 (3/2):
Although the midfield was crowded, we lacked inspiration in every position.
Occasional positional swaps only seemed to confuse each other. I’m
struggling to think of anything of note from any of them.

KUQI 7 (4/3), BENT 6 (3/3): Shefki put in the mileage as ever, but achieved
little, although a gloriously-taken self-created goal gets him an extra
mark. Darren was in and out of the game, but when he did get the opportunity
to tear into the Reading defence from the right in the second half, he
looked lethal.

Subs: PRICE 6 (3/3) came on for the second half and looked nervous, but
fortunately Reading only created three half-decent chances and shot all
three straight into his arms. A mention though for some excellent kicking:
real route-one stuff, but we have two strikers who can thrive on that.

The REFEREE let no physical contact go unpenalised, and played a large part
in sterilising the first half. Both sides got an irritatingly harsh booking.

The CROWD were more lively than Saturday, and kept a decent atmosphere up
throughout. And that’s it really.

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