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Paddington’s hidden first class lounge

I popped into the rooms that nobody seems to ever find at London Paddington station’s first class lounge, to see if they are as lovely as rumoured. They are. But you need to turn right and go around the corner to find them. Most people just think the uninspiring antechamber is all there is, and never get to the good bit.

Anyway, here’s a really nice writeup with some good photos.

As it says: “The lounge has a cultural pedigree that outclasses many airline lounges by sheer virtue of history: it is housed in what was Queen Victoria’s royal waiting room during her reign, and includes a preserved panel from the 1800s. The entire space is adorned with artefacts from the railway’s illustrious past, including pictures of the original GWR’s Castle class locomotives and memorabilia from wartime endeavours.”

The first class lounge can be found a little way down Platform 1 – I couldn’t see that it was signposted from a distance at all.

Question: Can you use your cheap Seatfrog first class upgrade auction ticket to get into the first class lounge at Paddington?
Answer: Yes. But you won’t get long, as you only find out you’ve won the auction 30 minutes before the train is scheduled to depart.

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