Good work, Sky One

Having just watched the concluding episode of the first series of the Battlestar Galactica remake, I went on to the net to find out if and when the second series was coming. I assumed (as you would) that the Americans had seen the first series months ago, and if there was a second series, it might have already started there. That’s what we’re used to, after all. Wronggggg. Amazingly, it’s only just started there, as this report discusses. Yes, folks, somehow Sky One got the series weeks ahead of the USA. Astonishing. So for once, I couldn’t find out if a series is worth sticking with by reading the opinions of those who’ve seen it through in its entirety. I had to stick it out myself. And the good news is, that proved to be no hardship at all: Battlestar Galactica has been absolutely superb. Technically interesting, good characters and a gripping, if slow, storyline. Whether or not we get the second series first, I just hope there is one, if only because of the number of parallel cliffhangers we’ve been left with. There won’t be a better sci-fi series on in 2005.

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