Best CDs of 2005 – a definitive list

Yeah, OK, maybe not that definitive, I reserve the right to amend this when people remind me of something obvious which I’ve forgotten. But at the moment it’s definitely, definitely this:

1. Achtung Bono by Half Man Half Biscuit

2. Takk by Sigur Ros

3. Aerial by Kate Bush

4. The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly by Kate Rusby

5. Tales from Turnpike House by St.Etienne

6. You Could Have It So Much Better by Franz Ferdinand

7. Confessions On A Dance Floor by Madonna

8. Eye to the Telescope by KT Tunstall

9. Warnings/Promises by Idlewild

10. Light and Shade by Mike Oldfield

Honourable mention, although it’s just a bit too silly for inclusion, to Rock Swings by Paul Anka.

And I don’t include compilations or live albums, but in the latter category, best efforts by far were Live at Earls Court by Morrissey and Minimum-Maximum by Kraftwerk.

So there.