Put yourself on a plinth yeah?


Unquestionably the thing on TV at the moment which makes me laugh the most is Modern Toss. Indeed it’s the only TV for a long time which has made me giggle out loud, so much so that Mrs R came down to find out what it was all about. And it just got better, because she denounced it as “simply not that funny” and “just a load of swearing. That’s all. Just a load of swearing”. Which just made it funnier. “It’s the stink of excellence in a world gone tits up”, as Doon Mackichan (for it is she) says every programme. Help Desk and Drive-By Abuser are the highlights. No question. It’s on for about one more week on Channel Four, then will be repeated seventeen times a year on More4, E4, Kiddie4 and 4play, no doubt.

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