The Blog is Back!

You’ll notice there’s a 10-week gap between this entry and the previous one. You may think the reason is probably because I couldn’t be a**ed to write anything while the sun was out.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
In fact, I haven’t been able to publish anything, because as with a lot of other users, Blogger has been having problems publishing to my non-Blogspot site. I realised some weeks back that the way ahead would be to move to a better blogging platform, so I firstly had to research which one (WordPress didn’t take long to push itself to the fore) and then I had to move the whole web site away from the server of some business associates (where I’d been blagging free space for ten years) to a proper, paid-for web host which could provide WordPress. More on where I went, and how it’s turned out, over the next few days.
In the meantime, to everyone at Blogger, thanks for the free service for all these years, and I leave you amicably.