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Why WordPress?

Wordpress intro screen

So, why did I go for WordPress as my blogging software? Remember: application first, platform second. puts it well: easy writing facilities, easy design facilities, standards compliant, and as the leading open-source application, you know that there’s plenty more development left in the tank. I’m not fussed that it’s free, although that’s a nice extra. And once I’d had a look, and realised WordPress did everything I needed well, I could see that there was a lot, lot more for me to play with in the future.

The clincher was that I quickly discovered that WordPress comes with built-in facilities for importing an existing Blogger blog (amongst others). This turned out to be so smooth I wondered if it had actually worked properly. It had. As standard, it assumes you have a Blogspot-hosted blog, which I didn’t, but there are plenty of workarounds if your Blogger blog is hosted on your own web site. The most obvious, which I used, was to republish your entire blog on Blogspot (it takes a minute or two, that’s all), then import it from there. Finally, delete the blog from Blogspot. Easy!

I’m looking forward to using WordPress, which is more than I can say for a lot of new software I’ve tackled.

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