What is Magilton putting in their half-time cuppa?


It’s extraordinary enough that we’ve scored two goals or more in each of the last six games, but even more so that Currie’s free kick on Saturday was our first goal in the first half since the opening day of the season. I was quite aware of how rarely we score in the first half at home, because all the blummin’ goals there seem to hit the net in front of the North Stand, but I’ve only just realised our first half goal drought extended to away games too.

This season, time of Ipswich goals (league):

01-15 mins: 0
16-30 mins: 1
31-45 mins: 1
46-60 mins: 2
61-75 mins: 5
76-90 mins: 5

(…that’s 10 goals out of 14 in the last half hour, and I haven’t included the Peterborough game, where we didn’t start scoring until the 90th minute, f’rgoodnessake)

A statistical freak? Or a direct result of the way the team’s playing? Or just something to do with Billy Clarke?

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