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We’re having the house extended.

I knew it was asking for trouble: I said if I could have my new big telly, then Alex could have his trip to Disneyland and Mrs R could have something nice too. Oops. She opted for the new kitchen. And not just the new kitchen; the new extended kitchen.

So here’s the house, before it all kicked off. Nice bog-standard Bryant “Victoria” design, although three years ago we knocked right through downstairs and built into the garage too. It didn’t fall down. Or at least it hasn’t yet.


Here’s the floor plan (click to enlarge):


And here come Cambridge’s finest builders, John Fox-Teece and family, to build an extension, knock through to it, and make it all ready for a kitchen which is double the size of the one before. And all this before Christmas. We hope. Watch this space.

Back of house, before and after first week of digging

And then there was a hole. Now we wait for the building inspector.

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2 thoughts on “We’re having the house extended.”

  1. Hi I wonder if you know the names of the other homes on your estate that Bryant homesbuilt, I so far know there was the Victoria (your fab home) but wonder what the others were called as I am interested in buying on in the Midlands Northants? It’s a four bed detached with double garage.

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