You have reached the end of iTunes.


I have a “smart playlist” in iTunes which only includes tracks I’ve never played before. So the playlist slowly gets smaller (do you see what I did here?). Today it stopped. Looks like I’ve reached the end. Twenty days’ worth of music. Now I’ve had to re-set it to “tracks I’ve only played once before”. The last track, by the way, was Cortez The Killer by Neil Young.

While we’re on the subject of iTunes, you’re probably aware of the old LTBSD (Length of Time Before Steely Dan) Factor in iTunes’ shuffle mode. Anyway, in earnest discussion with the good Dr Bragg about this the other day, he mentioned that there is a flaw in this well-known phenomenon, which is that for him, it’s the LTBB (Length of Time Before Bowie) Factor. And he has a point, as I realised when I looked at last week’s chart here.

Except as we discussed this, in the space of just 10 minutes, iTunes promptly played Aja and King of the World by – you guessed it – Steely Dan. So it is indeed a conspiracy by Apple’s software engineers to get the world listening to the music of the band which my older brother Tony (who hated them) christened “Steeleye Spam” as long ago as 1981. And that’s final.

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