It’d never happen in Milton Keynes


A few years ago, just before the UEFA Cup draw, a fellow Ipswich supporter said “you do know we could get Dukla Prague, don’t you?”. I couldn’t see them in the list of remaining teams, which is how I found out that the former Czech army side, immortalised by Half Man Half Biscuit, had long since disappeared off the scene and been merged into another club. Years later, Biscuit gigs are still full of fans in Dukla Prague away shirts, and there’s a roaring trade in them from replica kit manufacturers.

But it looks like Dukla Prague are returning. The whole thing turns out to be a bit of a Wimbledon/Franchise FC situation, with Dukla Prague having been bought, moved away from the city and turned into another club completely, leaving just a fans’ team to carry on the tradition …and it’s the fans’ team which is now looking to merge with a second division team and leapfrog its way back into the league. They could even play the Franchise FC equivalent, whose club owner has been arrested on abduction and robbery charges.

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