Blimey. A Letter Bomber.


Hey, it’s not as if Cherry Hinton isn’t in the news all the time. Already in 2007 we’ve popped up loads of times on Google News:
Police act on residents’ crime concerns (16 Feb 2007)
Liability claims trip up council’s budget (12 Feb 2007)
and the fantastic
OAP, 84 found ill on street (5 Feb 2007)
…and these are just from this month. OK, I’ll admit the headline count did increase a bit once Google News had decided the Cambridge Evening News was a reliable news source (shurely shome mishtake? – Ed). But today it’s all gone off!

Yes, we have a national news story on our hands. Blimey. They arrested one of our esteemed local residents on suspicion of him having sent letter bombs round the country in Jiffy bags. I spent all morning hanging around the High Street hoping to be voxpopped by Sky News or someone, but not a reporter in sight. Why not? What’s wrong with us? We had the Trojan Wars here, you know. Anyway, a hundred and sixty something links from Google News for “Cherry Hinton” this morning means we’re on the map now. So there. I wonder what the Cambridge Evening News will make of it? Letter Bombers? Where’s It All Going To End? That’s What We Want To Know!