One of those seminal father-son things I guess


Yes, it snowed. I’m sure it used to snow every year when I was little. Or maybe I just imagined it. Anyway, it doesn’t snow every year now. So when it does, sod the work, it’s wellies on, and out the front for some real father-son bonding. Neighbour David lent us a magnificent German snow-shovel, and we cleared the cul-de-sac of snow making the most solid, overengineered snowman since snowmen were first overengineered. Our target: for our creation to be bigger than Alex. Mission accomplished! Yep, it took three hours, and Alex was so cold by the end of it he couldn’t feel his hands, but of course it was worth it. Even if he’d started to droop by teatime and his head fell off overnight. The snowman that is, not Alex.

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You are lucky your snowman lived until teatime, two of my sons made one called me to look at it and then threw each other on it until it was squashed – thats boys for you.

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