That made a big difference!


Wow. After nearly two weeks of relatively little activity while the stonemasons converted those painstakingly cut-out plastic templates into the real granite thing, it all happened today. About two billion tonnes of black shiny worktop was lugged into the kitchen, and beautifully fitted in. Suddenly the kitchen looks so much more like the finished article! Still to do: the gas hob needs to be connected, the upstands around the worktop need to be made, and the floor needs to go down. Give us another week or so and we may well be there. Then the invitations go out to the kitchenwarming party!

I’ll roll all the credits to the relevant parties (builders, kitchen fitters, stonemasons etc) here once it’s all done and the final photos have been posted.

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2 Replies to “That made a big difference!”

  1. Kitchen looks fantastic! Will give you a call and pop in next week.

    Best Regards


  2. Ive had granite worktops fitted my self, there simply great compared with the standard worktops. there not cheep but worth the money without doubt. Ide suggest buying them over the chipboard tops any day.


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