All you need is Love


A lot of people, including me, got very excited about the Beatles’ Love CD when it came out. Wow: a remixed, remastered Stars-on-45 Fab Four Mash-Up overseen by Sir George – how exciting was that prospect? Sadly, the product didn’t live up to the expectation. But when you see the show, you realise why. Because then you see the Love CD for what it is – simply a soundtrack to a show. And in that context, it fits the bill perfectly. A Cirque du Soleil performance needs a swirling, fast-changing, continuous soundtrack, and that’s exactly what Giles Martin has created, using The Beatles’ music. Listened to in your living room, it’s the equivalent of listening to 90 minutes of Motty on Match of the Day with the picture off.

So what of the show? It’s an extraordinary spectacle, made even better by being performed in a state-of-the-art, purpose-built theatre with speakers in your headrests and so much moving scenery you get the impression that the whole building’s going to transform itself into something alien any second. For much of the show, you simply don’t know where to look. If you rate this sort of thing simply on the number of times you say “wow!”, it gets five stars without any question. It surpassed our already high expectations with ease, and would make a trip to Vegas worthwhile on its own. Fantastic.

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google-ing for pics from portman road I stumble on to your site. I am one of the quiet itfc mailing list members but read most of the posts. been so since 1995-ish, under different email accounts though. glad we share some of the same music aswell being a big Moz and siguros fan to name but few. your page is great

andres kristjansson

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