Liza Minelli in Vegas: oh the glamour, darlings


Short of an Elvis comeback, what could be more Vegas than seeing Liza Minelli? To be honest, we assumed the tickets would all have been sold, but wandering down to Tickets2Nite on the strip at 10.30am – when it opened – we were amazed to find they not only had a few tickets for that night, but they were half price too! The AmEx was out in a flash. And what a great show (at the soon-to-be converted Luxor theater). Sure, she’s a, er, veteran, and it was easy to feel slightly concerned for her during her occasionally alarmingly breathless anecdotes between songs. She turned the stage over to support acts on a couple of occasions to give her a break. But what a singer! One of the campest audiences I’ve ever been in simply adored the glamour of it all (of course Siegfried and Roy were there, and were introduced to the audience). We adored it too.

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