Pitching for the lucrative tourist market

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This photo in The Times today caught my eye. No, not the people coming out of the tube station at Piccadilly Circus. But what’s showing on the massive animated advertising hoarding in the background. Can anyone explain it? Sadly, the blokes with the mobile tat stalls in the area only seem to have knockoff Man Utd, Chelsea and Brazil shirts, so if this curious piece of publicity inspired anyone to change their allegiance to the Tractor Boys, sadly there was no chance of it translating into an impulse merchandise buy.

Imagine a film of your life soundtracked by an iPod


It’s one of those games which you have to have a go at, once someone’s mentioned it. Imagine a film of your life, with various scenes. Stick your iPod on shuffle (for your whole record collection, no cheating), and you get a track for each scene. I’ve seen one or two where the music is so astonishingly appropriate you begin to smell something fishy. Anyway, no such luck with mine. Here it is: Read More

Effective banner ad design


I just posted this to a private newsgroup in answer to a question, but it’s worth repeating more widely. Here are six ways to make your online banner advertising better value for money!
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And another thing that annoys me…


This could become quite a long series as I get to be a progressively grumpier old man, but Another Thing That Annoys Me is the tendency of newspaper columnists and other London-based media dahlings to prefix every main London road with “the”. As in “the Finchley Road”, “the Edgware Road”, “the Holloway Road”, etc.

Hey, it instantly makes you sound like one of the natives, dunnit?

Well, no, actually, it makes you sound like a twat. Read More