And another thing that annoys me…


This could become quite a long series as I get to be a progressively grumpier old man, but Another Thing That Annoys Me is the tendency of newspaper columnists and other London-based media dahlings to prefix every main London road with “the”. As in “the Finchley Road”, “the Edgware Road”, “the Holloway Road”, etc.

Hey, it instantly makes you sound like one of the natives, dunnit?

Well, no, actually, it makes you sound like a twat. I guess someone in Victorian London who used those roads regularly to get to Finchley, Edgware, Holloway, etc. might have referred to them like that, but as in “the road which leads to Finchley”. And in that sense they’d probably also refer to “the Stratford road” etc., and I don’t think there’s a road called that in East London.

And what’s “The King’s Road” all about then? Tossers.

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