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Hands-on Review: Panasonic SD-255 breadmaker – Beat the supermarkets’ cash extraction strategies


So how can owning a breadmaker actually save you significant amounts of, er, bread? Easy. Quoting from my own Panasonic SD-255 breadmaker review (highly recommended, by the way):

Several times a month, a certain member of our household will look at the empty bread bin in the morning and declare: “we’re out of bread – I’ll pop into the supermarket on the way home tonight”. By that evening, the bread bin does indeed have fresh content – but alongside are two or three carrier bags full of the stuff which supermarkets are so clever at getting you to buy when you pop in for something totally unrelated. Hang on: you went to buy a loaf of bread and spent twenty quid while you were there? Seems ridiculous, but we all know how it happens.

The moral of the story? Get a breadmaker, and cut down on those trips to the supermarket with their subsequent opportunities for temptation. Read the review

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You get what you pay for in this world and the Panasonic SD-YD250 is a perfect example. Quiet as a mouse. No jumping around the counter and whining and improperly mixing as a Breadman we purchased (and returned) did. Had another Panasonic for 8 years.
Decided to replace it when the pan seal failed and we checked out the cost of a replacemtnt pan (not realizing we could replace just the paddle mechanism/seal.) Thought we could get by on the cheap with the Breadman. Wrong. If you are looking for a rock solid, flexible unit that turns out a perfect loaf time after time (up to 2.5 lbs), this is your bread machine. The automatic yeast dispenser is a great feature, particulary if you use the
timer. Spend the [money].

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