Yay! CSI: Ambleside!


Fantastic news – the new Half Man Half Biscuit album is on the way (end April) now out, and it’s called CSI: Ambleside. They did a couple of new songs – On the ‘Roids and Bad Losers at Yahoo Chess – on the BBC Radio Merseyside session last September. I’ll get the lyrics to these on my Half Man Half Biscuit site in the next day or two.
UPDATE: All CSI:Ambleside lyrics now present and correct

Meanwhile, here are some linkies:

Order CSI:Ambleside at the Probe Plus Store
Order CSI:Ambleside at Amazon UK
Order CSI:Ambleside at

Half Man Half Biscuit at eMusic
Half Man Half Biscuit at the iTunes Music Store

Here’s the first CSI: Ambleside review out in the wild so far (thanks Jeremy)

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Hi Chris,

I don’t know why, but the links to add comments to lyrics don’t seem to work for me.

Anyway, kudos for attempting the project. Here are my comments on Evening of Swing:

line two:

Glyder Fach and Glyder Fawr (mountains in Snowdonia)

eighth line up from the bottom:

Enter then a real rat pack (pack of rats rather than Sinatra’s swingers)



Well done Chris – this is a FAB website! I’ve been hoping for someone to do this for ages. I wanted to attempt it myself, but I have so little time and I really have trouble hearing every single line…

Cheers again,


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