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First Night Review:

The last time I saw Bruce Springsteen, at the O2 last December, he played one of the best set lists for many, many years (Racing in the Street and Jungleland – aaargh) – and I like to think it was just because I was there. Could he beat that this time? Obviously not, but he had a very good go. From the opener, Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, to the extent of the set list, this was a remarkable effort. Tenth Avenue is a stormer to open a show with, but apart from a single appearance a few weeks ago in the US, this was the first time he’d opened with that song since 1978. And oh joy – we also got Atlantic City and Candy’s Room in a glorious first half.

Of course, not everything can be perfect. I think this was the first time Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in London had been used for a rock gig, and even when they’ve had a lot of practice there, it’ll still be a desperately ordinary venue, sonically. On its first night, the sound was dire at times, especially up in the seats. We were rather spoiled at the O2. Although the photo above makes the place look empty, I reckon by kick-off, if you put the people on the pitch up in the seats, the ground would be fairly full, so there must have been over 40,000 there – but I’d be interested to know if there’s an official figure.

The gig just went on and on (and in a good way). It meandered a bit for the second half of the main set, although Point Blank (from The River) got a lot of diehards excited. But just when everyone thought the length of the main show would mean a fairly short encore, Bruce pulled out a six-song epic closing set, making this one of the longest shows (28 songs) in memory. And you really felt, as is so often the case with Bruce, that he could have gone on longer, and would have enjoyed it. That’s what makes his gigs so special, I guess.

The reviews will be full of really awful football puns and similes, mainly from writers who don’t know much about football, making them even worse. Prepare for some groans. For example, let’s see how many people modify The Times’ Old Trafford review (“For one night only at Old Trafford, The Boss wasn’t a gum-chewing Scotsman pondering how to get the best out of Wayne Rooney”) and drag out an Arsene Wenger-related reference instead. All contributions you spot will be gratefully accepted below. We thought up our own in advance, and although I liked “The Big Man rises to the challenge of the sax solo like an unmarked Emmanuel Adebayor”, top marks go to my mate Ian for “Meet me tonight in Thomas Rosicky” – genius.

Full set list | As it unfolded

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A phenomenal band, a wonderful set list. To play without a break for so long – about two and three-quarter hours – was a tremendous feat. And that had to be one of the longest encores ever! Our only deep regret is that stadiums are lousy places to see and hear music. The musicianship and subtlety of Springsteen’s music ought to have venues where all the audience are able to see and hear. Interesting watching the people in the seats, and further back on the “pitch”: you could see a falling-off in their engagement, though Springsteen and the band could not be faulted from the way they reached out to everyone. It is just that stadiums have lousy sight-lines and soupy acoustics, no matter how great the sound technicians are. Oh for the days when we could see Springsteen and the E Street Band in smaller venues – as we did way back. Does he ever play non-stadium gigs these days?

Cracker mate!

The review from the pit was pretty much the same without the sound problems. First couple of songs were a bit muddy but after that the sound was awesome – especially after Because The Night. We were standing at the back of the pit with plenty of room to dance – view superb almost close enough to touch and certainly closer than I have ever been – fantastic atmosphere and cracking set list – really didn’t see Point Blank coming – never seen it before and just superb apart from some thick Scottish drunken twat talking to his mate throughout – or at least until I told him to STFUp!

Not played from written set list – Murder Inc & I’m On Fire!

Thought venue was superb – good organisation, security and staffing – even had people walking around selling beer in the pit!

Probably the best show I have been to – different from CP and O2 as he had to work the big stadium – god, I wish I was going tonight!

I should add a note on the amusing scenes during the encore, when the stewards in orange decided that it would be fine to start letting people from the lower tier seats walk through to the standing area on the pitch. There was plenty of room, and no reason why they shouldn’t have done so.

But the stewards in yellow, stationed 50m or more away, noticed what was happening, and sprinted across the pitch to remonstrate with their colleagues and stop it. Not only that, but they then chased after a random one or two fans (from the dozens who had been let through and were walking to join the standing crowd). In at least one case they tried to haul them back really forcibly, like they were after some idiot who’d run onto the pitch in a football game.

The stewards were arguing with each other, fans were getting very annoyed, and all in all, it was another great result for the Jobsworths. Dear oh dear.

Terrific gig – set list better than Old Trafford, but again sound quality, at least in the seats, not up to scratch. Must be the design of the typical modern football stadium. Am I looking back through rose tinted glasses, or was the sound a lot better at the old Wembley in 85 or Villa Park in 88?

Not sure how add anything to this other than to say….. WOW! What with ’10th Avenue’ as an opener, main set featuring the not only the reworked ‘Reason To Believe’ as well as ‘Candy’s Room’, ‘Cadillac Ranch’ (liked the driving alone through the London night touch!) and ‘Point Blank’, with ‘Rosalita’ in the encore! What a stunning setlist… and a BIG poke in the eye for all the people who say Bruce = ‘Born in the USA’ one-trick pony!

I agree that the sound was a little ropey, but it did seem to improve as the night went on. I figure this was down to more jobsworths in the local council, who were very stringent on the sound levels re local residents?

2nd Night tonight, and there’s a history with Bruce of dropping Tunnel Of Love tunes in London, what chance ‘Tougher Than the Rest’? Well it is Saturday night after all…..

Oh, and I must add… how good was Nils on ‘Because The Night’?

Can only reiterate really – what a great set. Close to 2 hours 50 of fantastic stuff. I think he covered most of his albums with this gig – how does a guy of 58 and the band continue do it, and still add something different?

At the front of the pit, it sounded just fine to me – Andrew, I agree, Nils was superb as was the whole band. And with Clarence on his throne – very apt I thought!

Only criticism is getting out of the stadium afterwards – badly designed and took 1 1/2 hours to get to Liverpool Street (and that was lucky). If you are not out early forget Arsenal tube station.

Agree about the venue, great for football not so good for concerts. The sound at Old Trafford was a little better but only because the seater were a little fuller.

Having gone to the other Old Trafford (LCCC) for the rising tour I think the sound is far superior. Couldn’t believe how many River tracks there were, Sherry Darling might just have have pushed me over the edge.

As for the tube, agree totally. My advice, get a bag of chips, eat them while walking to the pub, have a cold beer and walk back to the station at 11:45. Everything clear and back to South London in an hour. Sorry I’m missing tonight (family things), hope it’s great for you all. If he plays Sherry Darling you’ll be able hear me scream over the 75dB sound system … somebody record it. Have fun!

Oh Dear (1): “Foreign teams don’t make a habit of coming away from Manchester United’s Old Trafford with much glory, but Bruce Springsteen’s legendary E Street Band conquered the Theatre Of Dreams” – Daily Star

Oh Dear (2): “To develop the football theme, if one were to apply to pop performers the now-familiar tracking technology that tells us how many kilometres a player has run during a game, Springsteen would be out there on his own, a real box-to-box dynamo whose legwork is made possible only by the size of his heart. Man of the match, again.” – The Independent

The other solution to the tube problem is to make sure that you go with a crafty scout who knows the area and all the side roads and crafty shortcuts so that you can still get home despite silly policeman sending you on daft detours and even sillier train companies playing fast and loose with the patience of a thousand weary Peterborians.

I gave up my tickets to this gig because I’m in the middle of exams and I actually had an exam on friday afternoon (all the way up in Newcastle). Reading reviews, looking at the setlist and watching youtube videos makes me want to cry and throw up at the thought of what an excellent night I missed, and possibly won’t get the chance to see again…

Great show..

Totally agree with the stewarding issue, I know they’ve got instructions to follow but use a bit of common sense right? Plenty of space on the rear of the pitch so they should have waved them on.. Would be interested to get a figure on the attendance, seats were fairly full but pitch standing was noticeably sparse. Was it the same at Old Trafford?

Looking back over the setlist, what an amazing encore when you see the songs written down; the fact that Bruce could have played ten set lists of entirely different songs and I would have been ecstatic is testament to The Boss’s legendary status.

It was interesting that one or two of the Magic album tracks weren’t so well received, because judging from some of the people sat around us, there were a lot of ‘new’ fans present, who didn’t seem to know the old stuff..

We love you Bruce… I would sell my kidney to go again tonight…

Wowzers! My first ever Bruce gig and my goodness, what a gig!

It was all I expected it to be, passionate, entertaining and epic! I was disappointed to see quite a large section of the standing fans not getting involved as they could have, but it certainly didn’t detract from an amazing night. That solo from Nils was mighty and I thought Max was fantastic all night.

I just wish I could have been back there again tonight.

Just how do you get in the pit?!!!

Yes, great show – different from O2.

Was right on the half way line – must have been best tickets for a footie match, but not bad

He HAD to stop at 10:30 – local council rules (who also said 75dB was the limit – presumably outside the ground and Arsenal spent £100k on a sound proof curtain – didn’t see anything)

We’ve seen Springsteen in many venues, ranging from stadiums to arenas and smaller over the years, and this, quite frankly, was the worst gig we have ever been to! 35 years of following bands and going to gigs/concerts all over Europe and this is the first one we couldn’t bear to stay until the end!

The sound was appalling in the upper levels, so we got ourselves re-seated close to the pitch (special thanks to the understanding Arsenal/Emirates staff), which was slightly better …but the band seemed lacklustre …sad to say it was ‘Bruce by numbers’ …for god’s sake, the Man didn’t even break a sweat until half way thru the gig!

Having left the stadium at 9.30 (because we were so depressed by the whole spectacle, preferring to remember the Boss as he was the last time we saw him at RDS Dublin) we found ourselves outside the stadium with a number of other disenchanted fans…

Strange to say .. the sound was SIGNIFICANTLY better the further away we walked from the stadium.
In short …as a music venue, the Emirates sucks big time, and Bruce …in the unlikely event you should read this …the urgency and passion of tours such as the E Street reunion and the Rising seem to be gone …you STILL write great songs, but the whole thing looked like a parody on stage!

Went both nights; Friday in row 98 right at the back, sound very good, performances excellent; Saturday standing just in front of sound desk, sound poor, performance seemed lacklustre in comparison, much shorter set! Maybe exhaustion on my part from previous night’s exertions influenced my opinions. Thought sound was as good as you can get at stadiums and have never been impressed by Bruce’s sound systems at any of twenty or so gigs both here and USA. Check out the Eagles or Pink Floyd for impressive sound, but who wants to see them?

Oh Dear (3):
The Observer has thrown the kitchen sink at footballing analogies this morning: “The Emirates Stadium in north London is normally home to the elegant and debonair Arsenal football team, rather than the more blue-collar delights of Bruce Springsteen. But on Friday and Saturday night, for the first-ever gig to be staged at the architecturally sophisticated new stadium, the Boss was not 58-year-old club manager Arsène Wenger but the 58-year-old rocker…” (it goes on, too…)

“Fever Pitch”, Walcott, the Highbury Library …anyone who’d been playing football cliche bingo with the reviews would have a full house immediately. I think Mr Llewellyn Smith is just having a laugh. Tell me it’s so.

First time I’ve been to a Springsteen concert, and I’ve wanted to go since i was 14 – I’m now 33 eek! Was soooo excited! Went the Sat night – sat in the lower tier row 11 block A. Springsteen was great but I was def dissapointed, the sound was terrible …although it did get better, but boy oh boy would I NOT recommend this stupid Emirates stadium as a venue …never again! Springsteen still rocked!

Went to the Sat performance and i haven’t seen the man perform live for five years and i have to say the years are starting to catch up with him and i wondered as i left the stadium if i would ever see him again attempting the same style again. Perhaps if he got rid of his ‘diving boots’ it might make him more fluid on stage. Great man , great music great empathy with the fans and he still rocks. At times the set was like a runaway train but the guy looked as if he was on empty and his passion carried him through. Respect.

I like Springsteen a lot but was very disappointed. I last saw him at Wembley – it was the best concert I have ever been to.

But the Emirates on Friday was the worst concert I have been to by a long way. The sound where I was on the right of the stage in the seated area was diabolical. I never heard a guitar all night long and in the end I walked out because it was like listening to a cd player in a tumble dryer with your ear muffs on. All those encores were painful and finishing it off with an Irish jig ! The sad thing is it looked like a really good performance. Arsenal may be good a football but they did’nt do Springsteen any favours.

For me the gig on Friday was disapointing. The gig at the O2 in December was probably the BEST Bruce gig I have been to since the days of Wembley Stadium in the 80’s so the bar for me was set very high. The sound at the O2 was fantastic – at the Emirates it was dreadful. Not only was it muddy it was unbelievably quiet as well. I have seen Bruce at pretty well every UK gig since the 80’s including Brixton with Tom Joad, the Albert Hall and all the others and the disappointment for me was the that the show did not have the intimacy and involvement that ususally comes with a Bruce gig, even in large stadiums. I have a couple of other gripes. This golden circle thing seems to exist at all gigs now. How do you get in there? Is this the health and safety police again or do you have to be a member of the music industry or well connected to get in there? It seems strange to me that on the video screens the only people you could see around Bruce were the young “Beautiful People” which look good on camera, as they certainly didn’t represent most of the audience that were around me (middle aged and balding, myself included!). Also the “lets play requests” thing was a bit contrived. Call me cynical, but I dont take several pieces of A4 paper, sellotape and various coloured felt tip pens to a gig so that I can write down my favourite tune if the band ask for requests. That aside the show was good with some great moments. The band, Bruce’s voice are as good as it gets. Nils’ guitar solos were brilliant, Point Blank was awesome, apart from the fact that it was so quiet I had to listen to the women jabbering behind me right through the song. 10th Ave was brilliant at the start and as always BTR is still the best song in the world played live (or in fact at any other time). Some of the set list choices for me were a bit dubious, Sherry Darling, Working on the Highway, would not be my choices but I guess someone will like them. I guess that being the best live show sets the standards really high and on this occaision it was a bit disappointing, but hey we still had a fantastic time. Incidentally if you like Bruce you will almost certainly like the Saw Doctors. Go and see them when they play London in December. You will have a great night.

Stunning gig – the man is a legend; having not seen him in his younger years, I wasn’t sure if it would be as good but apparently he is just as good.

Tried to get tickets for the 02 but wasn’t to be – stadiums are not the best places for these gigs but I have to say it was excellent, Bruce enjoys every minute of it and could have gone on much longer – I’m sure he didnt want to stop.

Lastly there was a girl on the pitch at the back (jeans and red t-shirt) – she was in her own world and dancing her socks off. Brilliant, it was a great atmosphere there – I wonder if the following night was the same?

Went on Saturday night. Loved it, although I still have the O2 gig down as best so far. Drank way too many beers and agreed to fly to Boston for the last night of the tour. Mr Springsteen you cost me a lot of money, but with shows like this, you are worth every penny.

@Mick – no Sherry Darling on Friday! There was a banner requesting it, that was all. Still 3 tracks from the River – a lot for one of his concerts.

I don’t think the requests are contrived – have a look at the handwritten playlists and the actual ones at and they are a lot different – and no Point Blank or Caddy Ranch on the handwritten one.

Shes the One was missed out though.

Yes, sound was too quiet, and muddy… but still a great gig, and I thought he did a lot more interaction with the crowd (albeit the chosen ones in thge pit) than at the O2.

Any truth in the £80k fine for running 4 minutes over on Friday?

Can’t add much. Went to first show. Early enough to get into the pit. And within a couple of yards of the front fence. It appears that at gigs, the Germans don’t put their towels over the hallowed spot, they just all sit about reading! Then when they do stand up, they’re all seven foot tall, to a man, (and woman!). Oh dear, at five foot six I did peer up a lot of sweaty armpits. Thank God I have never had a sense of smell. Anyway, from that position, sound was great, Bruce awesome, I was knackered just watching him. Point Blank worth the price of entry alone. It is bloody hard work trying to stop the pogo-ing crowd members from landing on your toes, and from similarly not stepping on people behind. I would certainly try for the pit again, but maybe settle for standing at the back. Come back soon Bruce!

@Noel/Rosie – which night did you go? Saturday was 20 minutes and 4 songs shorter – Friday he was certainly sweating!

The 75dB limit outside the ground dodn’t help, but for godsake – what would the locals rather have – a Springsteen concert with well behaved middle aged fans, or a football game?

@Mick: Agree with you about the Saw Doctors. They possibly tie with Springsteen as my favourite live act ever, and although they don’t play the same music, they definitely appeal to the same sort of fans. And the bonus? They usually play small venues. If you’ve never heard them live (or never even heard of them), do check them out. I guarantee you’ll be at one of the best gigs you’ll get to all year. Full dates list here. See you on December 16!

@David – so just being early gets you into the pit? Yellow wristbands, what were they about? Not that we may EVER see Bruce and the ESB in this country again…

Just found the pit answer on Facebook (at least for US shows) – with GA tickets, turn up between 2 and 5pm to get a number, then they draw 300 people at 5:15 to get in

Was this how the Emirates worked?

Went on Saturday – have been wanting to see Bruce for years and this was the first time. The sound was very average and whilst Brucie seemed to be giving his all, I’ll remember this gig for what he didn’t play as opposed to what he did – no River, Thunder Road, Born In the USA, Glory Days, Brilliant Disguise, Atlantic City, Dancing in The Dark, My Hometown, Hungry Heart, Streets of Phili.

I know that performers need to vary their playlist to stay fresh and maintain their own interest, but that’s a heck of a chunk of classic Springsteen that stayed under wraps. I went along expecting to see something to put alongside my favourite all time gigs, but came away feeling I was a few years too late…

The queuing system for the pit at the front is simple. You turn up early and queue and you get an armband to get in to that section. Some bands sell golden circle tickets so you can get in there without queueing – but that does penalise fans who have less money but are willing to queue.

Where I was sitting on the Saturday evening (the Lower Tier about half way back from the stage), the sound was dreadful. People near me were booing at the end of some songs, presumably because the sound was so bad.

And the set list seemed fairly uninspiring… this was Bruce going through the motions.

It really lacked atmosphere, after a while people around me were chatting to each other (a) because they could – the sound was not that loud, and (b) because they were not engaged by the performance.

I left early, feeling depressed …and ripped off.

I was there Friday night, in the lower tier seats at the half way line. Had pretty much the same experience as others – muddy sound which improved as the gig went on but was still too too soft, and my prat neighbours sitting around talking during a majestic Point Blank. The problem with “daylight” stadium gigs is that there are too many visual distractions when we should be focussed on the band on stage. At one point, beer was a distinct winner over Bruce. A refusal to turn off the lights under the lower tier as night fell didn’t help either. But still a great gig, a fantastic setlist (Candy’s Room – wow!), and another Bruce night to remember.

I work as a steward at the Emirates for Arsenal and I’ve read comments on this read site and am very interested to hear more. I am not a Springsteen fan, however, I worked both nights – my prefered night being the Friday night, and I’m almost converted. Obviously a legend, Springsteen really was the BOSS. I thought he gave a great performance – and great energy for a man of his age (as he’s been going years and years). Atmosphere in my section was fantastic – opposite end to the stage – Club level block 46. Even though I havent been to many concerts myself, I thought it was excellent.

Interesting the comments about the noise at the stadium, I think the powers that be should read and take these on board and maybe learn from them for next time (should there be a next time for holding concerts there).

Final comment – Bruce Rocks!

I went to Friday’s gig and okay, the sound wasn’t brilliant and the stadium made it a less than intimate outing with the Boss, but it was still mind blowing. Frankly anyone that walked out of that gig needs their brain examined because Bruce and co were phenomenal.

Unfortunately a lot of us older fans have been spoiled by gigs from way back – I remember being at Roundhay park in Leeds in 1985 (check it out on the Born To Run video – the crowd scene at 3:13 is at Leeds) and Jesus, the ground was shaking and every single person was going nuts. My main gripe about Emirates was an audience who stayed stuck to their seats til the last half hour (I was actually told to sit down and not to dance by the saddo behind me!), all of which meant there was very little atmosphere. I wonder if those complaints about Bruce’s lacklustre performance is a reflection on how disinterested the bulk of the crowd appeared to be?

Of course, I suppose that’s the big debate – do you go to a concert to dance, sing your lungs out and generally worship at the altar of your rock god, or sit there, arms folded, foot tapping slightly and ‘appreciate’ the sound quality (which let’s face it is never going to equal what you hear on your Bang and Olufsens at home, so get over it!). Personally, I’d rather go home hoarse, muscles aching from too much jumping about and with a big grin on my face…

@conor m: I think people were probably not booing at the end of certain songs but delivering the fans’ call of worship – Broooooooooce!

Was in the The Pit on Friday, three people back from the barrier – it was a brilliant atmosphere, sound fine for us. He did build up a sweat, we were close enough to see it! No special treatment to get in the pit, just get there early enough and be prepared to wait, we got there at 1pm and queued. Limited to 2000 fans and that is set by the local council for safety reasons. If you want perfect sound, stay at home and listen on an expensive sound sysytem. If you want to be entertained and excited go to a live stadium gig, saw him at the O2 as well but more entertaining here.

PS: Irish Jig to finish – Seeger Sessions, Wembley 2006!

QUOTE: Having left the stadium at 9.30 (because we were so depressed by the whole spectacle, preferring to remember the Boss as he was the last time we saw him at RDS Dublin) we found ourselves outside the stadium with a number of other disenchanted fans… END QUOTE

I just can’t get my head around this sort of comment, why would you leave early?

So you left at 9:30, guess what, you missed the best part of the whole evening, the encores were fantastic. Luckily I guess you got home early enough to have your cocoa and sit on the sofa – is it still wrapped in the protective plastic?

I thought the way the crowd was handled for the tube was fine, just keep to the left hand side and you are funnelled into to the tube, we were back at Victoria by 11:20 (and we stayed right to the end!)

I agree the sound was pretty crappy though… BUT I’d still rather see Bruce, in black, on a black stage, in a stadium than see Genesis anyday!

Having gone on Friday and then seen that on Saturday Bruce played Jungeland, Backstreets and Darkness, I was a bit disappointed not to have seen my all time favourites. I gather though that the set was 20 odd mins longer and more energetic so I’m well pleased. Agree with the general view that it was a great show slightly let down by the muddy sound (I was stage left in the seats – could just see the high hat) which did not allow you to appreciate spectacular musicianship. Could hardly hear Nils’ solo in Because the Night. I agree travel was well managed, no problem with thousands descending on 2 tube stations – I expected far worse and got first train from Highbury and Islington, no wait at all. Overall a great night, but the lack of volume was a shame. No ear ringing at all. Now back in the 70s you had tinnitus for a week.

Or maybe I’m already deaf.

“I’ll remember this gig for what he didn’t play as opposed to what he did – no River, Thunder Road, Born In the USA, Glory Days, Brilliant Disguise, Atlantic City, Dancing in The Dark, My Hometown, Hungry Heart, Streets of Phili”

Sorry mate – you picked the wrong night! On Friday he did Thunder Road, Glory Days, Dancing in the Dark almost in a row! I’ll add my voice to the useless acoustics at Emirates. For the first half hour we were stuck under one of the concrete overhangs and may as well have had cotton wool stuffed in out ears. Moved to the front and stood in the aisle and all was well. Memo to the Jobsworth Steward who wouldn’t let us onto the 25 per cent empty pitch – “It wasn’t a football match, you bell-end. We weren’t invading the pitch!”

“People near me were booing at the end of some songs, presumably because the sound was so bad.”


Went to the Saturday show and I have to say it was brilliant. The sound was bad for the first couple of tracks but improved dramatically thereafter. Nils solo on Because the Night and Clarence’s sax solo on Jungleland were real highlights and it was great to hear Downbound Train, something that I havent heard live for many a year. A crackin’ gig, stop moaning you lot, as someone said if you want perfectly reproduced sound, stick on your CD player. It was obvious that due to the location of the stadium there were noise limitations in place otherwise I’m sure the sound would have been louder but none the less I’m giving this 9 out of 10 for the performance. The stadium OK and that’s from a Man Utd fan. Theres some good pics and reviews on – Rockas Nochos compadres.

Oh, er, well, my love affair with the Boss was put to the test on Saturday evening. As a fan for some 30 years plus I must confess that I left the show feeling that poor old Bruce was trying to cling on to what once made him a great performer. Now before you all rush to abuse me, I feel the venue was WRONG, the SOUND was dire and finally the set was ill-chosen. Whilst I love all of his music, many just turned up to hear his big numbers that he is reknowned for. Yup, I agree Tenth Avenue Freeze out was great but all in all I felt it was an evening that did not live up to expectations from such a world class performer.

Perhaps playing two evenings running is proving a little tougher when you are getting on in years (yet he can still work that entire stage) . Think nothing will beat his Born in the USA Tour for sheer power of performance and rapport with his fans – even though I still think back to the shy performer I saw at Hammersmith all those years ago …ahh they were the days, when it was unheard of to play in footie stadiums…

I’m going to Cardiff – can anyone tell me what time to get there for to get a wristband? The person next to us at the London concert was reading a newspaper for the first few songs which put a damper on it so we had to move.

Saturday night: good set Bruce gives his all, but sound was poor and where was Patti? I expected some new material from Magic too.

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