SEOClass Edinburgh

Edinburgh SEO Class Ninja

Interesting couple of days in Edinburgh at Jim Boykin’s SEOClass with contrasting presentations from the likes of Lyndon Antcliff, Ammon Johns from Fresh Egg, Brian Turner from Britecorp, Shaun Anderson from Hobo, the extremely entertaining Quadszilla from, and of course Jim himself.

As ever with these events, the presenters seemed to be learning as much as the delegates, but even so, I’d like to thank Jim and the presenters for their efforts, given that it was a very small class, which was offered as much as anything in support of Jim’s brilliant Internet Marketing Ninjas subscription service. Veterans of this type of conference know that the standards of presentation are going to vary hugely (and they did) but that some of the hidden golden nuggets are often in the most unexpected presentations (and they were). I’m off to trawl through my notes – there are quite a lot of arrows and asterisks to decipher.

Stop Press: Nice writeup on Internet Business

My music: I really don’t know what to say

Look, some of my best friends are gay, etc etc…

So I tried out this little app called iTunes Statistician (found via the Tunequest blog) and it tells you what the most listened-to artists are in your iTunes library. Not that it would be difficult in my case, for ‘t’would be Half Man Half Biscuit, naturally.

Except not.

OK, look, it takes confidence in your heterosexuality to be able to publish the chart above. And I can explain, really I can, that amongst our family’s increasing fleet of iPods, one plays poptastic stuff for hours on end down in the kitchen – and when I plug it into the Mac to update, it increments the play count here on iTunes. So that explains four of the top five (and actually also Lee Ritenour, from our “dinner party” playlist. Mmm, nice).

Then again, whilst the last few gigs I’ve attended have been respectable enough to discuss down the pub, I see the next two lots of tickets on my pinboard are Girls Aloud and Kylie. “It was the missus made me do it!”, he screamed, as the style police dragged him away…