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Google Analytics integration with Adsense data

Google Adsense integrates with Google Analytics

Several blogs have picked up on a post which appeared on a blog called The GoogleCache a couple of weeks ago, detailing the author’s experience with a new facility to integrate Google Analytics with Adsense. Oddly, the post disappeared, but you can still get it by subscribing to the site’s RSS feed. In case you can’t, here’s what the “Google Adsense->Analytics Beta” is going to offer.

There’s a new option in the Content Tab of Google Analytics which leads you to the new data. Firstly, there’s a whole bunch of stuff for management reporting, including Adsense Revenue per 1000 Visits, Adsense Ads Clicked, Adsense Ads Clicked per Visit, Adsense CTR, Adsense eCPM, Adsense Ad Units Viewed, Adsense Unit Impressions per Visit, Adsense Page Impressions, and Adsense Page Impressions per Visit.

More interesting is a list of your pages getting Adsense page impressions which can be sorted by Revenue, Ads Clicked, Impressions, CTR and eCPM. Now you’re able to see the best-performing pages on your site, which means you can really focus your optimisation efforts. Then you can start drilling down to look at the data for individual pages. You can see the pages with the best-paying ads (how I’d like to have had that in my previous job!) and the ones with the best click through rates. Then start to look at the pages amongst these which got good direct search traffic, and see if there’s an opportunity to work on the SEO for those pages. Amazing for sites with thousands of pages and huge long-tail search traffic.

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