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Philips Warm Intimate Massager review

Philips Warm Initimate Massager photo

The Times seemed to get something of a scoop with its review of the Philips Warm Intimate Massager. Apparently it’s going to be on sale in Boots and Selfridges, which is nice, but I doubt that many people will be brave enough to buy them there – instead they’ll all flock to Amazon. Here’s the product page for the Philips HF8410/00 Warm Intimate Massager at Amazon UK.

According to the Times report, the Philips Warm Intimate Massager is a “gently vibrating device to help couples get in the mood”, aimed at “established couples who are put off by smutty presentation of the existing range of massage devices”. The report is the best link I can give you at the moment, but I’ll add more here as soon as there are reviews elsewhere.

[Update] First video Warm Intimate Massager review from Shiny Shiny – shame about the bad lighting at the venue, but it gets the message over:

Also, here’s the link for

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To be fair; the idea is not exactly new – the only reason this is such news it is simply the fact that is represents such a big diversion for what is after all an electronics firm.

Emotional Bliss massagers are also non-penetrative massagers – the difference being that they really are female-friendly.


I work at MS&L on behalf of Philips and after reding the review I thought you may be interested in the ‘Love Zone Maps’ we have created. On 10th February Philips is going to launch a fresh way for couples to explore their sexual relationship this Valentine’s weekend. With 48 hours available to cash-strapped couples, thousands of people are going to be looking for low-cost, high impact ways to impress their partner.

Philips has created a comprehensive map of male and female erogenous zones and plotted them onto an easy to navigate Love Zones Map. Quite possibly a first of its kind the map, developed with leading Sex and Relationship expert Paula Hall, can be downloaded for free simply by visiting Whatever the budget, couples can use the maps to make this Valentine’s a seriously sexy weekend love-in.

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