Engineering articles from the 1990s

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For ages I’ve been sitting on loads of great engineering articles written in the late nineties, and at last I’ve got around to putting them onto the interweb. They were produced by various engineering suppliers for general publication. I know a few will have appeared in print, but most of them have never been published online, to the best of my knowledge. You’ll find them at Chris Rand’s TechArchive – I’ve no commercial motivation or anything, I just think it’s interesting to see some of the stuff which was going around ten years ago or more. As I got through what I’ve got, I’ll upload more, so keep checking back to the site to see what’s new. Or old, I guess.

Mini Coyote Speed Camera Detector

The Mini Coyote Speed Camera Detector (which was written about in The Times) is now available from Amazon UK for £199.

Click on the link below to go directly to the correct page at Amazon where you can read more and where you can buy the mini speed camera detector.

COYOTE – Coyote Mini Speed Camera Detector

Please note that the information above is correct at the time of writing but price and availability do sometimes change at Amazon.

UPDATE: See important note below.

Our favourite Chinese takeaway in Cambridge

There, I’ve said it. The best Chinese takeaway in Cambridge is The Mermaid at the very far end of Chesterton High Street (I think it’s called Green End Road by then). We’ve tried most of them, and although we enjoy eating at the likes of Charlie Chan, The Ugly Duckling and the Peking, there are times when only a takeaway will do. It’s a shame that they don’t do home deliveries, because we have to hack across town and brave the badlands of Chesterton to get there, but it would be worth the trip just for the fantastic, massive, sweet and sour chicken balls. Do try it.

Business cards to get you noticed

Business Cards

I was describing my new(-ish) business cards to someone today, and it occurred to me I’d never put them on public display, nor had I credited the inspirations behind them. So here goes. Thanks to Guy Kawasaki’s blog for the original idea, and thanks to Wendy at Adeptise for the great execution. The company logo looks a little low-key, but it’s actually spot varnished in real life.