Champion Larch Ditherers

110% Larch Dithering! Champion!
110% Larch Dithering! Champion!

I’ve always loved anagrams, although my admiration for their possibilities reached its peak many years ago when my flatmate and I realised the best ever anagram of his name was “Bob Ganjashit”. In those days, you either did anagrams with Scrabble letters, a big piece of paper, or a program you could download for the BBC Micro which took ages and never came up with much. Now you can go online and get thousands of anagrams of anything in seconds. So after all these years, it’s time to generate a new list of anagrams of my own name, and choose a top 25, which are presented here in alphabetical order …although I so want to be known as Archdeacon “Shrimp” Hitler in future.

  • Archdeacon “Shrimp” Hitler
  • Armchair Dolphin Etchers
  • Catholic Shrimp Hardener
  • Champion Larch Ditherers
  • Charred Ophthalmic Resin
  • Chartered Philharmonics
  • Cherish Chart Palindrome
  • Childcare Orphan Hermits
  • Chlorinated Chimp Rasher
  • Hardline Seraphim Crotch
  • Harsh Antlered Microchip
  • Harsher Dental Microchip
  • Hashed Armpit Chronicler
  • Hermetic Porch Handrails
  • Hierarchical Depth Norms
  • Hornier Chimp Cathedrals
  • Horrid Chemical Panthers
  • Milder Rhino Catchphrase
  • Monarchical Third Sphere
  • Panoramic Child Thresher
  • Patrolman “Chi-Chi” Herders
  • Philanderer Thrash Comic
  • Pilchard Archeries Month
  • Prehistoric March Handle
  • Technical Shrimp Hoarder

One day I ought to do definitions of what all these exotic creations might be.