In The Loop – hilarious

Just back from a preview screening of In The Loop, the movie extension to the fantastic The Thick Of It TV series, held at the Arts Picturehouse in Cambridge and with writer/director Armando Ianucci present for a Q+A with a sell-out audience.

If the laugh-out-loud count is a measure of a good comedy, this one coasts past the line after about 10 minutes. I can’t remember laughing so much at a movie for years, and I doubt I’ve ever laughed so much at sheer sweariness. Armando Ianucci said he was inspired to use comedy to point out the problems in modern politics by classics such as The Great Dictator and Dr Strangelove, and he certainly gets over his central premise, that major misguided decisions can be made as a result of a combination of minor, well-intentioned ones. Impressively, it’s never revealed which party is in power, who the Prime Minister is, and which country is being invaded, but obviously it shadows the invasion of Iraq. If you like intelligent comedy, whether you’ve seen The Thick Of It or not, you’ll love this.