Looking for the best sit-down Chinese restaurant in Cambridge?

I haven’t done a restaurant review for ages, but I was blown away by our meal at The Peking in Cambridge tonight, so I’ve dusted off my reviewer’s hat (not seen since the days of AdHoc and RealCity magazines) and put this one on LocalSecrets and Tripadvisor…

“In its old – rather downmarket – home in Burleigh Street, nobody seemed to believe that the Peking could be quite as good as it was claimed to be by fans. Now it’s moved to a new building opposite the new “Leisure Park”, and although it’s an unexpected choice of location, the new restaurant itself is a bright, modern affair which seems much more in keeping with the classy cooking. It’s only a few metres from Alimentum, another new upmarket Cambridge restaurant, so perhaps this may become the new foodie quarter of the city. It’s a shame the parking isn’t too brilliant (you’d probably be best using the Leisure Park NCP, first left down Cherry Hinton Road).

“Anyway, the food and service is what it’s all about, and there are no complaints from us here. The front-of-house manager (wife of the chef) is a wonderful character, and if you’re the sort of person who (like me) is happy to say: “What would you recommend?”, you’ll be guaranteed a good meal. The menu looks expensive if you’re used to £4.50 takeaway trays, but it’s not. Portions are very generously sized, and our meal of Dim Sum, followed by a main course each with rice, plus three Chinese beers and copious pots of China tea, was £50 for two plus a 10% service charge.

“Now that it’s at a nice, very clean, accessible venue, the Peking is without doubt our favourite Chinese restaurant in Cambridge (and we frequent many of them). You could drop in here for a casual meal, or you could impress guests for a more formal night out – either way I doubt you’d be disappointed.”