A Decimal Point


This just struck me as a curiosity, spotted in a display of football memorabilia in our village men’s hairdressers. For an FA Cup match in January 1971, Portsmouth were charging 90p for a ticket in the “Main Stand” (oh, the nostalgia for pre-sponsorship days, eh?). Presumably the match was a draw, because nine days later we have a replay at Highbury …for which Arsenal were asking 12s 6d for entry. Now, was decimal currency introduced slowly from the south coast northwards or something?

PS: I tried to find the “Decimal Five” programmes on YouTube, but no luck. Remember the jingle? I still have it in my head 38 years later. Apparently it was written and performed by The Scaffold. Anyway, as some compensation, here’s Tom Lehrer ordering us to go decimal without any delay: