Sky HD remote control and Yamaha YSP receiver

This is one of those blog posts which is more for my future reference as it is for general interest, but hey, if you’ve found this on Google and it’s helpful, glad to have been of service. Firstly…

What I did when my Sky HD remote control stopped working

I’ve no idea why, but the standard remote for my Sky HD box just decided it wouldn’t work any more. It wasn’t the batteries, because the little status light flashed when I hit buttons. So I went off in search of a reset, and here’s the one recommended to me a few forum searches later:
– Press [TV]
– Hold [select] and [red button] together for around two seconds (until the red light blinks twice)
– Press 9 9 9 (red light blinks once for a long time and then twice quickly)

That did it for me! But while I was at it, I decided to sort out the one button on the remote which had never worked: the volume control. This of course is because it needs to control a separate device, not the Sky HD box. Now, for some people it’ll be the telly which governs the sound. For me though, it’s a Yamaha YSP-1000 one-box amp/speaker unit. And here’s what you do.

How I got the Sky HD remote to control my Yamaha YSP 1000

– Turn on the Yamaha, and press the [TV] button on the Sky HD remote
– Hold [select] and [0] (zero) buttons together (until the red light blinks twice)
– Press 1 3 5 9 (red light blinks twice quickly)
– Press the [left arrow button] – the Yamaha should go into standby
– Press the [left arrow button] again to switch it back on
– Press [TV] button
– Hold [select] and [1] buttons together (until the red light blinks twice)
– Press [Sky] key

Now the [vol] button operates the Yamaha, and the rest of the buttons operate the Sky HD box. Woo, and indeed hoo.

Thanks to the good folks on Digital Spy for all this info. Use the search facility there to find the answers to your own query – don’t ask me!