Jason Dozzell returns to Portman Road

The story so far: Having just got myself one of those gadgets which shoehorns video signals into a USB port, I’m now going through hundreds of dusty old VHS tapes gradually expiring in the attic. So far, the oldest full-length, otherwise unobtainable Town recording I’ve found is a Sky Sports “Super Sunday” from September 1993, where Spurs came to Portman Road and drew 2-2, thanks to a late equaliser from Jason Dozzell, who we’d just sold to them. Personally, I found the shots of the old North and Churchmans stands as interesting as anything – some good close-ups as they empty out at the end (Sky didn’t seem as quick to cut to the ads or the studio in those days). Anyway, here’s the last 10 minutes of the show, showing Jason’s goal and the post-match interview…

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