“Thriller” at Elvyn Richards Hall Cabaret 1984

OK, I’ve finally transferred one of the oldest VHS home movies I have to my Mac, probably with only moments to spare before the tape crumbles into a pile of iron oxide. And it is… the “Thriller” sketch from the 1984 Christmas Cabaret at Elvyn Richards Hall, Loughborough University. That’s me in the pink dress. I was born for the role, darlings.

I’m going to make an attempt at remembering the whole cast, but it’s nearly 25 years ago, and there are a few names which seem to have got lost in the recesses of my memory. However, I hope one or two people who were also involved read this and can fill in the blanks. Email me or make use of the comments box.

Cast in order of appearance:

The MC was the Hall Chairman (I think), Andy Collicott [?]
Guy with moon: Marek [surname?]
Joan the Dining Hall Supervisor: Chris Rand
Michael Jackson: Cliff [surname?]
Rocco the Chef: Simon “SQ” Morris
Jane Elliott
Chris Hunter
Karen Peer
+1 (boy – Mike?)
Jackie Hawkins
Stan Elder

Vincent Price voiceover by Chris Hunter at Loughborough Campus Radio!

STOP PRESS – writing this inspired me to make some online investigations into Elvyn Richards Hall 2009-style, and to my shock, it appears to have moved into completely new buildings …and I suspect the old ones we knew and loved have been demolished! Bloody hell, ensuite bathrooms and everything! Check out the 360 view too. I don’t know where the new hall is – the university’s website maps need updating – but I’d be fascinated to know. And also what’s become of the old hall.

Thanks to my mate Paul from the great Stuart Darling for sorting me out with a shiny new VHS player, and a tip of the hat to the new Elgato Video Capture, which mean I now have no excuse for not going through that box of video tapes in the loft and putting all the highlights on DVD or online. More to follow

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Hi Chris – “Fab” to see that again. Maybe it should be re-released for the forthcoming 25th anniversary as a special edition with extras. One name you are missing is Jackie Hawkins. Sorry can’t remember any others.

Fear not Elvyn is still standing. I went back last year to an open day with my son. He wasn’t that bothered but I had a lovely day. The old blocks are still there and looking through a few windows, still have pretty much the same decor. There are extra blocks built on what were the playing fields behind. The accommodation that was to view on the open day was Cayley & Faraday etc. They have all had a major facelift – no shared rooms these days and a lot of en-suite going on. They make old Elvyn look the poor relation. Doing a tour of uni’s catered halls seem to be a rarity these days but are very much alive and well in L’boro. So much has changed on campus. The union building is unrecogniseable inside, there a lots of new blocks shoehorned in here there and everywhere and hugely enhanced sports facilities including an olympic sized swimming pool and indoor athletics track and fitness centre. When we went they had just been awarded No 1 status in the student’s survey. They said other uni’s considered them pretty arrogant and I have to say that is how they came across. Don’t remember that in our day. Going back now you realise how much of a holiday camp it was with a few lectures thrown in. Still a great place to go I’m sure. Oh yeah Elvyn Bar is still there and a bit updated but EHB is now huge. I could go on. If you are passing you should try and break through security and have a wander round. Its a great trip back down memory lane. And another thing, the Elvyn post room is totally untouched. I wonder if students still descend on it after breakfast like we used to.

Regrettably Lboro isn’t as down to earth as once was. A lot of elitism, a lot of “Rah’s”; very stuck up by and large. Was a fresher in Elvyn back in 2007. Loved it but the committee and crowd were a bunch of self centered tossers. I think even the warden would agree with that description. The rooms were in original condition. Now I’m in Towers, but they’ve closed that for refurbishment so we’re back in Old Elvyn blocks (still original condition), and next year apparently Falk Egg will be in them whilst they get done.

Costs about £140 a week atm. Faraday and DC have some of the old block but they’re being done up with double glazing, wood laminate flooring and an interior designed by Linda Barker! Course its called Village Courts or something ponsey like that now. And the bar is now ‘Village Bar’ to match. It’s not a community and hasn’t been treated as such since Imago took over.

What block were you in?

Sounds like a completely different world to the Elvyn Richards (and Lufbra) which I once knew, Ben. From memory I was on 3A ground floor as a fresher, then 2A middle in 82-83, then 3A top in 84-85, before spending the last of my four years in Eggington 26. There, not bad recall for an old bloke!

just thought id let you know that towers has been moved in to old elvyn while ours gets refurbished
from the sounds its exactly as it was when it was 1st built
am in 1C-09

Chris – this is brilliant! It’s great that you were able to preserve this before the tape as you say crumbled into a pile of iron oxide! I had forgotten that the overlay theme was about the Elvyn Richards kitchen staff!!This was pretty well thought out I have to say – the voice-over by Chris Hunter was really excellent.
Good times!

Speaking as an ex-Rigg-Rut’er…if you want the very latest: Original Elvyn (in my day, too – ’84-’88): What was ‘Village Court’ 2009-2012 (inc. Towers and Falk-Egg On Tour) is now (permanently, so far as I can tell) TELFORD for 2013. ‘Old’ Telford has now been subsumed into Faraday…So the new Elvyn (2009) is now NW of it’s original location – sandwiched in between ‘Robert Bakewell’ and (New) Rigg-Rut (yes. ‘we’ also moved to new accommodation in 2008 – The Hazlerigg & Rutland buildings are now uni admin/offices…sacrilege! 🙂

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