The Decade’s 20 Most Memorable Moments in Sport: Part 2

15: Michael Phelps wins eight gold medals in Beijing (2008)

When a sport you’re not usually that interested in totally grabs you for a few hours or days, it can only be because something extraordinary is happening. And good grief, this guy was worth getting up early in the morning to watch at the Beijing Olympics.

14: Zidane bows out with a memorable head-butt (2006)

Fantastic. A real “did that really just happen?” moment. Not just any old player, but Zidane. In his last match. The World Cup Final. Of course the media wittered on about it all being disgraceful and bringing the game into disrepute, while hundreds of millions of fans around the world thought: “brilliant!”

13: Steve Redgrave wins his fifth Olympic gold in Sydney (2000)

He looked totally knackered at the end, and he had every right to be. Then at the end, Matthew Pinsent clambers back along the boat, hugs Redgrave, and falls in the water.

12: John Terry slips and hits the post with a penalty in Moscow (2008)

Of course, these highlights can’t always be about achievement. One of the great things about sport is laughing at objectionable sportsmen failing. And here the captain of the most disliked team in England makes an epic fail, and a nation falls about.

11: Tom Watson nearly wins The Open at 59. But doesn’t. (2009)

Sometimes dreams don’t come true. Surely the script says he was supposed to win? Anyway, this one reeled in a large part of the nation over four days. It was magical.