The Decade’s 20 Most Memorable Moments in Sport: Part 4

5: David Beckham curls in a free kick, a nation goes mental (2001)

The time, the place …how can any team leave World Cup qualification to the 93rd minute and then do this? Like all of the top five here, a sporting moment when I can remember exactly where I was and who I was with …and which still brings shivers down the spine.

4: England win the greatest Ashes series ever (2005)

Flintoff’s hand stretched out to Brett Lee, Gary Pratt running out Ricky Ponting …this series had enough great individual moments of its own to make up a sporting top 20. Some of the matches were almost beyond belief. Edgbaston was the best of the lot.

3: Germany 1 England 5, (2001)

Nobody could believe this. Half way through, my neighbour went and woke his toddler up and made him watch it, saying the boy would never forgive him if he hadn’t allowed him to say “I watched that”.

2: Jonny Wilkinson wins the World Cup for England (2003)

Extra time in rugby? Yet another sporting classic which went right to the wire. We were down the pub, having enjoyed a greedy boys’ breakfast. The great thing about the winning kick was that it was all so planned.

And the winner is…

…going to be revealed tomorrow.