The Decade’s 20 Most Memorable Moments in Sport: Part 5

1: Ipswich 5 Bolton Wanderers 3 (2000)

Simply the most exciting football match I have ever had the privilege to watch. Funnily enough, both teams were nervous and the quality of football was rather poor, although we conveniently forget that.

Here’s what I wrote at the time:

What a night. WHAT A NIGHT. Where to start? Ten yellows, two reds for Bolton. No cards for Ipswich. Three penalties conceded by Bolton. None by Ipswich. So has the chant “X-X to the football team” ever been more appropriate? I don’t know. A mad, mad game. Both teams were completely overcome with nerves, and were just unable to play football. Almost every decent effort went in. We discussed Man of the Match afterwards, and decided that Jim’s (three) goals were the only thing that could decide it. Who cares about football quality when it’s as exciting as that? And who cares when one player – Jim – was so fired up that he just wouldn’t let it lie? An unbelievable performance. Some ratings: Wright 10 Croft 10 Brown 10 Mowbray 10 Venus 10 Clapham 10 Magilton 10 Holland 10 Scowcroft 10 Stewart 10 Johnson 10…

Here’s the Guardian report...

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