One of the most irritating things about Apple launches is that you can’t accuse the company of “overhyping” them, because they do nothing of the sort. They just sit back and watch people work themselves up into a sense of excitability precisely because they haven’t hyped up the announcement. One thing I will say though: by doing so, Apple are that rarest of companies in the tech market: one which only tells everyone about a product once it’s ready to launch, or even already shipping.

Anyway, I’ll be as worked up as anyone following the launch this evening (which is when it’ll be, here in the UK). Not least because I’m one of about 6 people in the world who thinks it’ll be called the iBook and I want to see if I’m right. Apple aren’t streaming the event, as far as I know, so we’ll have to follow those news sites which “live blog” the announcement. I’ve no idea which will be best, not least because with the weight of interest, some are bound to be a bit creaky. However, here are some to try. Let me know of any more at @cherryhintonblu

Ars Technica
Guardian (UK)
Financial Times Techblog (UK)
The Apple Blog
Gizmodo Liveblog
IT Pro (UK)