OK, bit the bullet and had my Virgin Media cable internet connection upgraded to 50Mb/sec. Quite painless, smart guy did the installation. That’s the result above. The only problem is that my Devolo dLan 200AV, which I’d used to connect the internet around the house, turns out to max out at around 20Mb/sec, which was OK for the old connection, but not now. I’ll have to do some homework on that one, but in the meantime, I’ve had to go wireless (that’s a wireless result on the iMac above). No problem for the main PCs, which are Macs, but the old Windows box is going to need a wireless adapter. Fortunately the guy from Virgin was able to supply one of those, FoC! So top marks.

Here’s the old 20Mb/sec connection at its best:

20Mb/sec Virgin Media cable connection

…and here’s what I got on my old Motorola Surfboard modem (see separate report from 2007):

20Mb/sec Virgin Media cable connection on Motorola Surfboard

Ten years ago we were mainly on 56k modems. So on that basis, should we expect 50Gb/sec internet connections by 2020?