Texaco Championship Fantasy Football 2010/2011

Woo-Hoo. Texaco Fantasy Football is back for the Championship 2010/2011 season. Do join! Picking a team takes 5-10 minutes and is free. You can then also join in individual leagues, and I’ve got two tell you about: 1. ITFC Twitterati. This is for regular #itfc Tweeters. Please pick a team name which relates to your […]

Gadgetry and IT

Building a tiny bookcase/bookshelf hi-fi

OK, here’s the task: I wanted to build a discreet music system to go in a room with a bookcase, using an old third-generation iPod from about 2004, whose battery had long since died but which worked perfectly sitting in its original dock. The challenge was to make use of two nice Gale speakers, which […]