Hat tip to Nintendo

We’re quick to criticise companies who provide awful customer service, so we should draw attention to those who do something brilliant too. A couple of weeks back my son’s Nintendo Wii, which was about two years old, stopped working. The power light was on, but nobody was at home. I plugged the unit into a neighbour’s TV to check the connections weren’t at fault (they weren’t), and – not expecting much joy – typed “Nintendo Wii repair” into Google. I was surprised to find an official Nintendo site as the first result, so I clicked through to The Nintendo Service Centre for the UK. It still seems too good to be true. They provided a freepost label to return the Wii to their repair centre; an on-line tracking website; and – most astonishingly of all – because the repair was simple (it would seem), they returned the Wii to us, fully working, without charge.

A hat tip of the highest order to Nintendo.