Delete and move to the next message with GMail keyboard shortcuts

I’ve got very used to using keyboard shortcuts in GMail, especially “]”, which just archives the message you’re reading and moves on to the next one. Bang-bang-bang through my email, luvvly jubbly. Now, I know Google doesn’t really want you to delete messages, but I often like to, because I don’t want junk messages appearing in searches in the future. So what I really want, alongside “archive and next”, is “delete and next”.

Unfortunately, that’s not available, but there’s a quick enough way to do it. If you hit “#”, it deletes a message. Herein lies the problem – at this point, you’re sent back to the main inbox view. So how do we delete and move to the next message? Quite simple: when you’re on the main inbox view, hitting “o” will open the next message. So a quick combination of “#” then “o” deletes the current message and moves on to the next one.

The last problem, which will immediately occur to many people, is avoiding the use of the “#” key, which, er, doesn’t exist on UK Mac keyboards. To do this, go to Settings>Labs and turn on “Custom keyboard shortcuts”. Then set an alternative for “#” as “delete” – I noticed that “d” wasn’t used, so that’s a fairly good choice.

Now to delete a message and move to the next one, I just type in “do”.