Every day for Advent, I’m going to make a list of favourite things from this year. Maybe it’ll become an annual event, or maybe I won’t even make it through the next 24 days. Anyway, to start off with, here’s the first of three lists of favourite blogs of the year. This one features the three “non-serious” blogs which I enjoyed the most in 2010. “Serious” blogs and “work-related” ones will follow.

My Favourite Non-Serious Blogs of 2010

1. Found Shopping Lists

Came and went in a few weeks over the summer. It made me laugh every time, not just because it’s funny seeing photos of discarded shopping lists (which it is), but because of the author’s commentaries. Which is what a good blog is all about (as is, to be honest, coming up with a good idea and then getting bored of it quite quickly).

2. The Nether Regions

“The blog that slips an affectionate hand between the thighs of the regional media”. And does it splendidly too, I may add. Local newspapers are wonderful, but not half as wonderful as some of the spoofs over the years. All this and we got a few new pages from The Framley Examiner in 2010 too.

3. The Gaffer

It’s very hard to be funny about football, but I’ve been getting more than the expected number of laughs from this blog. “Ceefax to retire number 302 in tribute to football page’s years of service” and “ITV criticised for downbeat ending to flagship Portsmouth drama” were amongst my favourite headlines.