My Favourite Online Videos of 2010

There’s been enough great stuff on YouTube this year for it to merit a list of its own. So here, as part of my list-a-day series during Advent, are my favourite bits o’YouTubery of 2010. Except that more than any other list, this is going to be one which I’m undoubtedly going to have forgotten some good ones.

1. Wonders of The Solar System Spoof

NSFW. This was one of the cleverest revoiced videos of the year, and the guy did a superb impression of Brian Cox. “What makes clouds? Volcanoes. They spill out ****ing loads of clouds. Every day they produce hundreds of thousands. Twice the size of a football pitch. That’s on Mars”.

2. Hate E-mails with Richard Dawkins

NSFW. This must be the year that Professors made the best videos. Richard Dawkins sits by the fire and reads out some of the hate mail he gets. Just priceless. “Haha you ****ing dumbass! I hope you get hit by a church van tonight!”

3. Newport State Of Mind

Bloody brilliant. Clueless songwriters with no sense of humour (not Jay-Z or Alicia Keys’ record company, as commonly thought) have been chasing down copies and getting them removed, but I hope the one above is still online. “Twinned with Guanxi Province in China, there’s no province finer…”

4. Northampton – The story behind the song

Uploaded in 2007, and actually a clip from Anglia TV from 1980, but I laughed about it for weeks in 2010. “Punk’s all the rage at the moment, then of course there are the old favourites like Cliff Richard. He’s suddenly popular again”.

5. I’m Just A Glamour Girl by Chenille Steele

NSFW yet again. “I’m from Saffron Walden, I’m mates with Jordan, I’ve done things you ain’t never seen done!”