My Favourite Radio Programmes of 2010

This list, part of my one-a-day series during Advent, rather overlaps with the favourite Podcast list, but it concentrates more on programmes I listened to live.

1. Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review (BBC Radio 5 Live)

It’s won every award going, and certainly needs no further accolades, but it’s expanded beautifully into its two-hour slot after years in a shorter, less consistent format. Wonderful chemistry between the presenters.

2. The Danny Baker Show (BBC Radio 5 Live)

Sadly under long-term temporary management due to Danny’s cancer diagnosis, this two hours on Saturday morning had become an utter delight, as every Candyman show always was. How he inspires such fabulous contributions from listeners will forever remain a mystery. Get well soon.

3. Ashes Test Match Special (BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra)

A perfect storm: Ashes commentary on clear-as-a-bell digital radio, a great iPad app for listening on (with a sleep timer), and an in-pillow speaker. Never have I woken up in the middle of the night and been delighted to do so.

4. More Or Less (BBC Radio 4)

Typically well-made Radio 4 series which can be a little hit-and-miss in its choice of subject matter, but rarely fails to get you thinking.

5. The Ghost Trains of Old England (BBC Radio 4)

There were probably a hundred Radio 4 documentaries which might have ended up here, had I caught them, but I was so glad I listened to this one-off programme, which was quite intriguing.