One list a day on this blog during Advent, but two of them will be about TV programmes, because comedy warrants a separate category. Here goes then…

My Favourite Comedy TV Programmes of 2010

There were quite a lot to choose from, and it’s always hard to tell at the time which comedy will date and which won’t, but here are the half a dozen TV comedies which I enjoyed the most this year. All six were outstanding. I wonder which will still be highly regarded in a few years’ time? Anyway, there’s not much point in me commenting on these. Just watch them.

1. Getting On (Series 2)

2. The Trip

3. Harry and Paul (Series 2)

4. Rev

5. The IT Crowd (Series 4)

6. Bellamy’s People

7. White’s

I’d also like to mention a token US import, 30 Rock, but they don’t allow any clips online. Very good though.