My Favourite TV Programmes of 2010 (Part 2)

24 lists of favourite things during Advent this year, and two of them are devoted to telly. The other list concentrates on comedy, but this one rounds up the rest.

My Favourite Non-Comedy TV Programmes of 2010

You might notice some of the major events of the year, such as the General Election and the World Cup, are missing. This is because I didn’t think the coverage was up to much. The nadir was the BBC’s “election night party” on a boat full of celebrities, which the whole nation was fervently hoping would sink.

1. Sherlock, BBC1

Brilliant drama, great acting, just the right amount of humour, and two terrific stories out of three.

2. Wonders of the Solar System, BBC4

Awesome documentary, “and that’s why I love physics so much”. A star is born.

3. Dr.Who now with Matt Smith as the Doctor, BBC1

He had a really hard act to follow, but they pulled it off, just.

4. Ashes To Ashes Series 3, BBC1

I can understand anyone who thought it dragged on a bit, but they ended it all very well.

5. Film 2010 now with Claudia Winkleman, BBC1

At last the film programme moves into the 21st century with a proper presenter + critics format.

6. Lost, Series 6, Sky1

Kept our interest up right to the end, although of course it didn’t tie up all the loose ends, and was never going to.

7. Downton Abbey, ITV1

Compulsive guilty pleasure.

8. Hustle, Season 6, BBC1

Continued to be very sharply written.

9. Top Gear, Series 15, BBC2

Not the best series, in fact seemed almost half-hearted at times, and yet still essential viewing.

10. Trinny & Susannah: What They Did Next, Channel 4

Unexpectedly funny one-off.

11. Late Kick-Off, BBC1

Woo hoo, Matt Holland gets his own show.

12. QI, Series 8, BBC1

A genuine national treasure.

13. Question Time, 32nd Year, BBC1

Seems to get better and better.

14. A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss, BBC4

Like Brian Cox above, the presenter’s enthusiasm made the series.