I’m currently following over 200 people on Twitter, which really has been the medium of the year. It’s so easy to stop following people (and I do) that I can genuinely say I enjoy reading what nearly all of those 200 people have to say. So for today’s list, part of my series of 24 in 24 days, here are half a dozen of my favourite Tweeters.


Twisst ISS alerts is a service set up by the Twisst website which sends you a Tweet every time the International Space Station is passing overhead. Then you can stand outside at night and point at a big bright light crossing the sky and go “oooo”. Seriously, it’s a very clever mixture of technologies.


Opta Sports just sends out loads of football stats. And I love football stats, me. Stattotastic.


Julian Huppert is my new MP, and he Tweets his head off, including in the middle of debates. As an example of bringing the democratic process to the masses, it’s an extraordinary insight, and the sort of thing which Twitter was invented for, because it just couldn’t be done any other way. I suspect that in the future this sort of interactivity with constituents is going to play a large role in getting MPs re-elected.


Viz Top Tips is just very silly, but brightens up my day almost every day.


Carl Marston is a football correspondent on the East Anglian Daily Times who covers my beloved Ipswich Town. But his Tweetage is beyond the call of duty, regularly breaking news from press conferences and bringing matches to life.


Gavin Barber is one of those people you come across on Twitter who you’ve never met, possibly never will, but seems to share the same interests and amuses you no end. I could cite others, but Gavin’s as good an example as any.