My Favourite Websites of 2010

In this instalment of my “list a day” Advent Calendar, I thought I’d choose the websites and online services which have meant most to me this year, either for entertainment or for usefulness. Or perhaps they just merit a mention for being really good. There’s a bit of a blurring now, isn’t there, between online services and websites? May have to split them next year. After all, if I can have “Twitter”, why can’t I have “email” or even “the web”?

1. Twitter

I may have been Tweeting for a couple of years or more, but this was the year I spent glued to it. I can’t watch live events on TV now without following them on Twitter too.

2. GMail

My life is now on this. How can anybody live without years’ worth of email instantly searchable? I’d find it hard to use (and to juggle so many accounts) without Mailplane though.

3. b3ta

Every Friday afternoon, brightens up my life without fail.

4. LogMeIn

It’s got me out of some right old pickles, I can tell you. Works perfectly from hotel foyers on holiday. Don’t tell the wife.

5. Ocado

Yay, you order it and it comes. Doesn’t even cost anything for delivery if you pay £3.99 a month extra. Kudos too for the milkman’s commendable version, milkandmore.

6. National Rail Journey Planner

New version up this year solves any irritations with the old one. Good work, fellas.

7. Texaco Fantasy Football

It’s about the Championship! It’s free! It works! I’m pretty rubbish at it!


I don’t think I need any other website, seriously.

9. Dropbox

Just getting into this. It’ll need some training. But it couldn’t work more perfectly.