Big upload speed increase from Virgin Media cable internet

Nice: Virgin Media cable internet just gave us considerably faster upload speeds as part of the deal. This is quite useful, as I’m finding myself using DropBox more and more to backup and transfer stuff, and I can see that trend continuing. Anyway, just to show what’s happened, here’s the latest internet speed test from

That was done mid-afternoon, so things should be towards the top end, before the children in the neighbourhood all get home from school and start wasting their time on YouTube. Here’s a test I did in the evening (ugh!) a few weeks ago:

…and here’s how it performed at its previous prime time, in the morning, just after we had the 50Mb broadband upgrade last year:

I think 42Mb/sec downloads and 4.8Mb/sec uploads during the day will keep me happy for a while to come, although Virgin Media are rolling out 100Mb/sec broadband as I write, and people in Ely apparently have it now, whereas there’s no date for Cambridge yet, and I’m not holding my breath for it to arrive before the end of the year.